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Darkness &Light

This poem was inspired by the song Jupiter by Sleeping At Last. Their songs are lyrical masterpiece and I highly recommend them if you're into poetry and stuff. Hope you enjoy this one too and let me know what song I should do next down below. xx

The sharpness of my breath against the subtle gust of the wind sounds like a match made in heaven.
I inhale the atmosphere and take flight into a realm where I am not alive but I thrive nonetheless.
I take a bite at my skin to uncover  the fire somewhere within, but my veins are filled with stardust and hailstorms, And I let them bleed out into the open.
For they shape a far away land, raining down mystery and magic, and I hope a set of lips will wish  upon my light in the night sky, and let the universe spill  into their mind.
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These songs always help me get into a lovesick mood for writing a sad scene. Hope you enjoy them and find them useful. What are some of the songs that you listen to for writing? Leave them in the comments down below. xx

1. I Found- By Amber Run

2. Oceans- By Seafret

3. Manhattan -By Sara Bareilles

4. From the Dining Table- By Harry Styles

5. Back to December- By Taylor Swift

Bridges and Hearts

The song that inspired the following poem is Between the Linesby Sara Bareilles. She's a lyrical goddess and all of her songs are amazing. I know that doesn't seem statistically possible but its true lol.

I bellow out the words in front of a crowd,every letter molded by desperate fearof losing someoneI had never found.

There are a thousand faces in the hall right nowand yet my heart seems to set on you, hoping that you will notice the light in my eyes,but scared that you will know the truth.

Because it has been a long time, darling,of just hits and misses and stolen looks,of me having my back turned when you meant to put that blue necklace around my neck,and you taking a flight among the clouds,when I was just catching up to your footprints on the ground.

But all the cards are on the table nowcovered in a bright red paint,written with the initials of a familiar name,pleading and praying you can finally learnthat these were the words I could never have sung before.

The light dims as…